Bike Rentals
                                                Day - $25                Weekend - $40

                                  Kayak & Canoe Rentals

Boat/Accessory                                  Day           Weekend (2-days)           Week (7-days)
Canoe                                                     $45                        $68                                    $150
1-person Paddle Kayak                       $40                        $60                                    $140           
2-person Paddle Kayak                       $45                        $68                                    $150         
PFD (Life Jacket)                                   $3                          $5                                      $12         
Roof Rack                                              $6                          $8                                      $18         
Plug-in Cart                                           $3                          $5                                      $12
Strap-on Cart                                         $5                          $7                                      $16         

Canoe rate includes paddles.  Kayak rates include paddles & seats.  Valid Driver's
License & major credit card required for all rentals.  Renter(s) responsible for loss,
damage and/or theft of equipment.  Renters must be 18 years or older.  

                    We recommend advance bookings for holidays & weekends!

                               Bike & Trike Service & Repair

All bikes & trikes need to be maintained & sometimes they have to be fixed.  
Whether your ride just wants some lubing & adjusting, or even if it needs major
FREDERICKS is the place to bring it.  We are a full-service shop with the
parts, tools & expertise to get you back in the saddle quickly & economically.  Our
labor rate is the best around.  Our service area is clean, professional & well-lit.
We have lots of new & used parts & accessories on-hand and, if you need it, we
can usually have your wheels ready in 24 hours if we have the parts in-stock.  
                        We always stand behind our work!

                                       Bike Crating Service

Need to ship your ride?  FREDERICKS  will pack & secure those wheels so that
they arrive at the end of their journey safe & sound.  We've shipped a lot of
bikes, so we know how to do it right.  We have all the necessary materials right
here at the store and the drop-off for both FedEx & UPS is only 5 minutes away.  
Our standard rate for crating is just $50 US, plus 8% NYS Sales Tax.  We can
usually have your bike ready to ship in 24 hours, if necessary.
                        We always stand behind our work!

                                         Bike Fitting Service

Not sure if your bike is set-up for your unique riding style?  Schedule a visit for both
of you & we’ll make sure that you’re working together!
                          We always stand behind our work!

                                          Consignment Sales

 Do you have quality used summer sporting goods that you would like to sell?
You can display them here at
FREDERICKS where interested shoppers can check
them out. It's a great way to get top-dollar! $5 per month display charge, plus
25% commission, payable at time of sale.

Looking for proper storage for your household goods? Furniture? Tools?
Files & records?  How about your car or truck? RV? Boat? Motorcycle?
Snowmobile or PWC?  Here at
FREDERICKS we have a safe, secure, dry
solution waiting for you.  Call us at (518) 481-5833, or stop by the store,
and let us help!